Apply for a Restricted Strain or Profession

This application is for use by those wanting to apply for a restricted strain or profession.

Applications must be submitted at least three weeks before your new character’s first game to allow time for approval.

AP will only be removed if your application for the character is approved.

Restricted strains require basic costume approvals.  Please send photos to after your application is complete.

See you in the Ironworks!

Name *
Emergency Contact Phone
Emergency Contact Phone
Required AP for the strain or profession is listed in parenthesis. Anything with a (0) does not require AP to be spent but does require this application to be completed and background approved.

Please be aware that the number of Psions and 'Free' Iron Slaves allowed in game is based on a percentage of the total population of the game. Players new to DR will not be allowed to play a Psion or an Iron Slave for at least three home games. If after three games, but before their fourth, they wish to submit a re-write for a Psion or Iron Slave character they may do so by using this form.
Faith should only be selected for those starting with the profession of priest.
Please let us know what skills you would like to start out with, if approved. All characters get 13 build points and all points must be used. The extra point at the end can be added to your mind, body or used to pick up the teach skill. Teach is included with some professions. Please reference the profession and strain sections of the Survival Guide for the list of skills you are able to start with. *Those with the advanced membership do not get to build with the bonus XP from your membership. Those points are only available to spend in game.
Backgrounds are required for all restricted strains and professions. Please put your background idea for this character below for consideration.
Please let us know anything else you feel may help us in making a decision on your application for a restricted strain. Some examples of information that extend beyond the character background are: costuming and how you will do the strain right with your attire, what you as a person would be able to bring to the strain with role play, plans on how you will implement this character into the the local game, etc.