Apply for an Advanced Profession

Advanced Professions shouldn't ever be your character's end goal.  In fact, most characters are unlikely to have even heard of most Advanced Professions.  It is likely that if you are seeking an Advanced Profession, you're just as unlikely to get it.  Most characters who achieve one of these professions end up stumbling into it rather than actively seeking it; remember that it is about the journey rather than the destination.

Above all, Advanced Professions are about roleplay.  Simply purchasing the basic skill and profession prerequisites does not automatically entitle your character to learn an Advanced Profession.  It can take months, or even years of roleplay before a character is considered qualified to receive an Advanced Profession - and even then there is still a long road ahead.

Learning an Advanced Profession requires more teaching time than normal - no less than 45 minutes of in-depth and interactive role play each month over a three month period.  This represents the minimum time required; it is both common and highly encouraged for Advanced Profession training to take much longer, as well as involve activities such as joining secret societies, passing initiation ceremonies, undertaking dangerous tasks on behalf of their mentor and other daunting challenges.  

An Advanced Profession is not easy to achieve, and most will fail.  If you think your character epitomizes an Advanced Profession, the form below must be completed in full.  The directors will review your application, no follow-up is needed once you have submitted this form.

To avoid forcing the player to metagame we do not discuss the testing with the player.  We want the player to make decisions based on what their character would do, not what they think the 'correct answer' is to the test.

You may only submit a request for an Advanced Profession once per year.

Name *
Qualifications are not simply skills and abilities on your sheet. How did you learn about this AP in game? Why does your character want to learn this AP? How has your roleplay shown you have been on the path of this AP already? Think of this like a real world interview. "Why should you get the job?"
Earning an AP is a big responsibility. More often this is the beginning of a new adventure, rather than an end goal. How do you, as a player, believe you will improve the game as a whole if you receive this AP? How will your AP character open roleplay avenues for others and make their game better?
Statement of Understanding *
By clicking this box I understand that my request will be considered, reviewed, and I should have absolutely no expectation of being rewarded with an Advanced Profession. I may only submit for an advanced profession once a year. I understand that I should only request for review once I have attained ALL requirements for my Advanced Profession. I understand that my Review Request will take 60 days, and, that at the end of the 60 days I will receive no notification of the results.