Camp Evelyn

Updated Map Coming Soon!

Updated Map Coming Soon!


Site opens at 4pm on Friday and is open until 3pm Sunday.

Camp Evelyn is nestled on 240 acres of beautifully wooded property near Plymouth, Wisconsin. Highlights include the Mullet River, swimming pool, a lake, open areas for games, trails for hiking and plenty of room for various winter sports.

Most facilities at Camp Evelyn include fully equipped kitchens, great room for activities, fireplace, bathrooms with showers, tables and chairs. 


General Mitchell International Airport

Austin Straubel International Airport in Green Bay

General Policies:

Be sure to bring cots or sleeping bags, some cabins are equipped with mattresses only.  Some cabins have bunk beds.

Smoking is allowed at the firepit outside of Gemini 2 and the back porch of Zell's Hostel.  Anyone in violation of this will be given one warning and if that warning isn't sufficient they will then be asked to leave.  We have negotiated smoking areas with the campsite and not abiding by that agreement can cost us the use of the camp.  

The property manager's house, the barn, the shop and the boathouse are all off limits.  The property manager lives onsite and is OOC.

There are many kitchens in the cabins throughout camp.  Any mess you make you will need to clean, kitchen and dishes. 

Firewood is provided and can be found up near Zell's Hostel, all fires must be watched, even during combat.  If a marshal takes over watching the fire for you, you may engage in combat but must return shortly after to relieve the marshal.  A bucket of water must be kept by the fire at all times.

In the winter some buildings will not have heat, nor water and some bathrooms will be closed.

If you have any questions, please email