Camp Manitou

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Camp Manitou is a 140-acre facility with three 25 person max. heated cabins.  Cedars, Pinecrest and The Lodge. Two of the cabins, Cedars and Pinecrest, have fully equipped kitchens with running water, two fireplaces, and genderless bathrooms and showers.  The third cabin has two fireplaces and several tables. Camp Manitou has plenty of outhouses as well as several smaller half walled cabins with fireplaces scattered around the camp that can be used for sleeping during the warmer months or for the greatly adventurous during the winter months.  The camp also has a small lake and several well kept trails running through it's grounds.

Site opens at 4pm on Friday and is open until 3pm Sunday.


General Mitchell International Airport

Austin Straubel International Airport in Green Bay

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Be sure to bring cots or sleeping bags, the cabins are equipped with mattresses only.

Smoking is allowed at the outside fireplace at Lodge (Town Hall) and Cedar (Logistics) cabins ONLY.  Anyone in violation of this will be given one warning and if that warning isn't sufficient they will then be asked to leave.  We have negotiated smoking areas with the campsite and not abiding by that agreement can cost us the use of the camp.  

The Quarry to the north and the tree farm to the west are both off limits.  The camp boundaries will be clearly marked with glow sticks.  You will be expected to remain within the camp's borders.

Kitchen access is scheduled so if you will have need of the kitchen let Heather know at and she will make sure you get put on the list.  Any mess you make you will need to clean, kitchen and dishes.

There are freestanding fire pits alongside the six fireplaces in the cabins.  Firewood is provided, all fires must be watched and a bucket of water must be kept by the fire at all times.

Parking is limited on site, so carpools are encouraged.