AP Donation List

Last Updated: 11/15/2018

Looking to help out your local game and earn AP in the process?  You can do so by donating items the game needs!

You can find our Amazon.com Wish List Here.

You will receive 1 AP for each dollar spent and 10 AP for each hour spent crafting.

Be sure to save your receipts and email them to:


or send a copy to:

Dystopia Rising: Wisconsin

P.O Box 28868

Greenfield, WI 53228-0868

You will receive the AP once we have both the items and the receipt in hand.  If you don’t have a receipt, we will give you a general AP total based off of amazon price and condition of item.  

Please let us know if you are purchasing something so we can keep track of what is being purchased to avoid duplicates.

If you have questions, ask!

 Office Supplies:

  1. Amazon Gift Cards - Help us cover the miscellaneous stuff that never makes it to the donation list. These cards will go towards covering the cost of created props and costuming that our setting’s team creates behind the scenes.

  2. Kindling for Fire

  3. Pre-reg Envelopes

Costuming Needs:

  1. Facial Tissue

  2. Tank tops and button up shirts in large or larger size

  3. Shoulder pads, elbow or knee pads, skin and arm guards, etc. - Check with your local school’s sports department for items they are tossing!