General Admission Tickets

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Common Questions:

Q. Do I need an Advanced Membership to Pre-Register?

A. You do not need an Advanced Membership to pre-register for game.  If you are a returning player you just need your player number and the password you made when you created your first character.  Don't know what it is?  Email your home director and they can change it for you.

If you are a new player you need to submit your character to your home director.  They will send you your player number and password.  You can request to have your password changed at that time.  Then you can pre-register using that information.

Q.  What is a check-in request?  

A.  During your pre-registration you will be asked to create a check-in request in the database.  That is on a different webpage than the one you are currently on and the link to it will be on your pre-registration form during check out.  Cut and Paste the link and follow the steps to create a check-in request.  If you need help please see the link below.

Q.  I'm a new player and would like to convert Assistance Points (AP) into XP.  How do I get Assistance Points?

A. Assistance Points are earned when you do things for the game ("Assist") and can be converted during the check-in request process.  Donations are the main way to earn AP, though volunteering your time is also a great way to earn AP.  If you are interested in donating, you can follow the link on the left.  It will give you a list of needed items.  Donated items can be brought to game and will be assigned AP based on cost and/or time to create.  Depending on circumstances you may not get this AP immediately if research on price is required so it's best if you bring your receipt.  If you would like to use your AP at the next game, please do NOT pre-register until you have received confirmation that your donation was processed.  Once confirmation is received you may pre-register at your convenience.

Q. Help!  I'm not finding the information I need!

A.  Email and we will assist you!