Minors at DR:WI

Here is the information about underage people coming to DR:WI.


Our minimum age is 16.  When they are between 16-18 they have a few things they have to do to be able to join us at game.

1.       Their first month will have to be attended with a parent or legal guardian.  They would sign the waivers for the minor, and be responsible for them during the event.

2.       If after that month the minor would like to return without their parents they will need an adult appointed by their parents to attend with the minor.  This could be someone who is already attending DR, or someone new, so long as the parents approve of their guardianship.  This adult would then be responsible for the minor during the event.  We would need a letter from the parents stating they are okay with this person watching over the minor at game.

3.       We would need to be notified every game they intend to be at, so we can make sure we don’t go over our limit of minors at any one game.  We can only have so many via our insurance.


Other than that, they will be treated just like everyone else.