Dystopia Rising at Midwinter 2016!

Everyone who joins us at this event will earn AP for the DR:WI branch. No changes to your character sheet can be made, nor will XP be earned or spent. This will not be included in your 'first three games' rewrite period. This is a great way to test out Dystopia Rising to see if it will become your next addiction!

If you have any questions, or are interested in signing up to play an NPC, email wisconsin.dystopiarising@gmail.com

Friday - 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Winters can be cold and harsh in Wishigan, and the city of Mill Walkway is no exception. The harvest from the last year hasn’t helped, with dwindling food and supplies in the outlying, smaller areas. In conjunction with the International Brewers Union, the Schlabst family has funded a gathering in the confines of Mill City’s expansive downtown area, and have offered to open their grain stores to protect the farming community within the nearby reach of the city. Perhaps more unprecedented, the call has been sent across the wastes for those that may find worthwhile trade ties to the local area. Steel Horse Crossing, one of the major production towns of the Ironworks, will have representation among their farming and machinery resources, which may offer some unique opportunities for locals and visitors alike. There’s nothing like a good party, but a party thrown by one of the largest brewing family’s in the Ironworks? There’s sure to be a number of tales worth telling.

Can you make it through another winter without this offer? Will the zed or raiders find you before you find the city? Will the Schlabst mansion be all that you ever imagined?

Can you survive? Prove it!

Saturday - 7:00 PM - Midnight
The local community, capitalizing on the generosity of the Schlabst family and the crowd available, have gathered to provide a unique opportunity to locals and visitors alike at the Schlabst mansion. A medical symposium, hosted by doctor and scholar E. Cummins Wrigley, will take place at the top of the evening hour. A chance to both introduce medical technique, and participate in a great variety of topics, will be available to those predisposed. For the more martially inclined, a tournament of blood and steel has been set by Master Barnum, purveyor of entertainment – not only will prizes be offered, but wagers are encouraged. Drinks will be provided! Rules to be disclosed at the games. Lastly, the local Hedons and King’s Court members invite those interested in celebration and music to join them, promising both a chance to serenade the victors of combat and the ability to begin the trek home without being able to see straight. Trade and opportunity will be available as always. Surprises are in store for all. No one will leave empty handed.

Will you brave the evening and see what Mill City has to offer? Is it wise to miss the chance to experience science and religion? Do you really want to miss opportunity knocking?

Can you survive? Prove it!