Books are now available at SHC

We have received our first shipment of books for DR:WI!  

Save on shipping and pick them up at game!  You can order them before game, pay for them online and then receive them with your character sheet during pre-registration.  We will also have books available during registration for you to purchase as well.

If we run out you can leave your order with us and we will bring them to the next game for you.  No shipping needed (or offered, see below if you need a book shipped to you).

Here are the books we currently carry:

Dystopia Rising LARP Survivors Guide 2.0

Echoes of Celluloid Dreams - Dystopia Rising

Axis of Blood and Iron - Dystopia Rising

Diaries of the Rum Coast - Dystopia Rising

Scraps of the Rust Empire - Dystopia Rising

Embers of the Irradiated West - Dystopia Rising

Pillars of Dead Light - Dystopia Rising

Monoliths of Rust - Dystopia Rising

For more information on pricing check out our store!  

If you need a book shipped to you check out!