October's Rumors!

“I heard them creepers singing and torturing that poor pure were actual fucking people! The works is going to be pissed!”

“Always make sure to have your papers on you in the Works.”

“I hear that Steel Horse may have gotten on some Pure’s guide to tourist spots.  God help us.”

“Gravemind is talking to people, sending letters.  Hope none of my dead decide to start trying to talk to me.  I can’t afford the headshrinking bills that would rack up.”

“Those scroungers have come across some strange stuff out in the woods.  Dangerous stuff.”

 “The Witches sure are acting weird in Steel Horse.  Not sure they are safe to be around.”

“Don't go out by that morgue if ya ain't got to. More of those creepy dolls and such been showing up. I think I heard voices out there too.”

“Don't drink the water. Seems as though there's babies everywhere all o’ sudden. Unless you want ‘em, then just go spend some time with rovers and you'll be knocked up right quick.”

“Speakin’ of, did that Doc Quinn girl really accept a courting scarf from someone she didn’t know?! OOh dear!”

“Something *must* be in the water because my eyes been playing tricks on me.  I mean just last night I swear that I saw a six foot tall chicken clucking at the moon.”

“Damn, if there ain't a ton of bugs & spiders everywhere lately. Its really kinda gross when they're everywhere, if ya know what I mean.”

“I thought I saw a big old gray bear out huntin’ the other day. Really big thing, big as 2 men big. Scared me silly so I ran like hell!”

“Raiders are becoming a real problem, do you think the Ironworks will ever get them under control?  I heard that a huge horde is moving through up north, sure hope they miss us.”

“Mitchell said that something’s been taking people out of bed at night, not sure what that could be.  Said three people from the halfway house have gone missing just this month.”

“Heard this horrible noise last night, sounded like a DJ ride only more...broken...Really sent a shiver down my spine.”

“Heard a Vegasian sunk a mine near town. Heard folks ain't real happy with how much they're gettin’ charged to use it. Wonder how long its gonna take before the next one goes in and that shiny fella’s prices go down?”

“Its been getting cold at night. Better board up them windows. Never know which one of your neighbors is a Thrill Kill til its too late.”

“Them darn bandits have been quiet this month…. Maybe they finally got caught?”

“Lotsa TVs rolling through the depot. Either somebody got a picture box or trouble’s a’brewin’.”


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