December's Rumors!

  • Been a lot more threats on the roads lately. Even the tougher folks have had a hard time of it. Guess we better be sure to pay them guards and travel in big groups again.
  • It’s been really nice for this time of year. The old ones say it’s almost past time to get the food and medicine stocked up. It’s gonna be a long winter, they say.  The closer it gets to freezing, the more desperate people seem to be to get supplies.  
  • What's with the sudden influx of Final Knights and Graveheads in Steel Horse?
  • People are always afraid of those goddamn final knights… maybe they’re just a smoke screen… you know, one of them damn straw men to hide the evil some of them other religions do
  • Take care of one group of thugs and a new one takes their place, seems like even the Fallow Hopes are getting in on the thug routine now.  
  • Somebody spread glitter all over town. IT’S GETTING ALL OVER EVERYTHING! I'm guessing some Pure got fussy 'bout sumthin.
  • Did you hear there’s a group of Darwins going around collecting glow?  Apparently they’re trying to shoot themselves into the sky.  That must be what all those explosions have been lately.  
  • Sounds like the Action Committee ain't got approval from the Elder Council yet. What they gonna do to help get the Natural Ones on their side? Ain't they all disappearing anyway?
  • I heard the Little Red Schoolhouse beats their kids. What kind of Nuke Family value is that?
  • Apparently someone’s been taking all those creepy Morgue dolls and propping them up around town.  This can’t be good.  I wonder if some of the more unusual things are stemming from this ridiculous idea.
  • I heard the town’s kitchens are going to be famous—there was a bunch of travel writers in town last trade everyone was bending over backwards to please!  I just hope they didn’t see all those rats that were running around.  
  • Heard the last person to do some research work on the “strange things” in town went missing.  Wonder if this whole run of weird stuff is a curse?  Hit it with a stick, I say.
  • The tribe’s all up in arms about their winter champion missing, they say if they don’t find him by Saturday evening, the Yuletide ritual may not happen.
  • They say it’s the season to give… I just wish I didn’t always get my brother’s hand me down socks….
  • I heard a bunch of BFG came up to Steel Horse to talk about how to move forward with their new settlement and trading ties. I heard all of em from down South were raiders but they seemed perfectly decent folk to me.
  • That crazy 'Merican put that dead raccoon in a jar and is still carrying it around. They really got some special folks there in town.
  • Looks like that visiting Iron got caught up with the Ironworks.  There’s a big surprise, a “free Iron” running amok and getting nabbed for not having papers.  Guess the lesson is don’t assume you’re safe, huh?
  • Have you ever heard of Giftmas?  It happens at the end of every year and all the raiders start thinking clearly for just an hour, long enough to leave gifts strewn about the wastes.  Gotta make sure you leave out some raw meat for ‘em though so they won’t raid your house that year!
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