March Pre-Registration Open

March's Pre-Registration is now open!  

March's Meal Plan is sure to please!

Friday Dinner: Potato Soup, sammiches, cookies
Saturday Breakfast: Breakfast strata, fresh fruit, trailmix cookies
Saturday Lunch: Sweet & sour chicken, sticky rice, veggies
Saturday Dinner: Swedish porkloin, roasted apples, wholegrain pilaf
Sunday Breakfast: fruit breads, boiled eggs, handmade sausage

Alternatives will be available for various diets. Be sure to let us know what you need when you sign up!

Some other things you will need to know:

NPC Opt-Outs.
There's been a small change in how we're going to work with Opt-outs, specifically because of the growing size of our game. Early on, until we can understand the full scope of how many people we'll level off with at regular games, we're specifically less interested in offering Opt-outs. As a game, it's not a mandatory option - it's a convenience. We'd like to keep that convenience, especially for those that need it. So please review the two items of note below so you can understand how they'll work moving forward.

1) Medical Opt-out
This one is simple - it will never increase in price, and is intended for those that physically cannot participate in an NPC shift. While we have numerous options for folks that need arrangements to make an NPC shift happen, there will always be this option as well. To leverage this option, you MUST contact us at prior to registration. We will tell you how to proceed from there. You WILL NOT see this option on the site for registration - it can only be leveraged via talking to the Director staff.

2) NPC Opt-out
This option will change over time. Right now, the price is a bit higher than we'd expect it to be as it settles, specifically because we'd prefer people to take the NPC shift so we can continue to offer plenty of plot and interaction. There will be very limited quantities at this time, and each game this option will be re-evaluated based on NPC shift needs and how the game performed with the NPC levels. The expectation is that as we get more regular players, the price of this option will decrease over time until it settles into a more permanent space. The numbers of this opt-out type DO NOT impact Medical Opt-outs at all.

In short: We're attempting to ensure we respect those with medical needs in the variety of ways we have at our disposal, while letting the game population help us dictate proper NPC shifts. Our expectation is that this will level off over the first season, and we'll let you know when everything is where we expect it to remain.

If you have medical issues but still want to NPC our STs have plenty of things to do, and one of our goals is to have a constant stream of "one person non-com NPC duties" that we can send people out with. Simple social mods that we can orange headband folks up, and send them out for RP. While we can't do that for everyone, we CAN spread people in this situation through multiple shifts as well.

Even at the absolute worst case scenario, we have one-off jobs in and around monster camp - getting people made-up, helping pull the next set of props, etc - that can fill gaps where you aren't out in the field so don't feel like you HAVE to purchase an opt-out.

There is still no charge for NPCing the entire weekend.  Though you will still need to purchase the meal plan if you wish to be on it.