April Event Rumors

1.     It’s about Feast of Fools time ain’t it? Good time to be a prankster, bad time to be a victim I reckon.

2.     I heard some lady wrote a sternly worded letter to the head of the railways, and that's why the trains aren’t blowing up!

3.     SPRING!!!  Tribe of Seasons swear it is real this time… anyone taking bets?

4.     People keep talking about mines as if they’re safe.  We’ve been through this before ya’ll showed up, and the earth falling out from under our feet ain’t no fun.  Makes farming a might hard.  Eatin’ is more important than mine collapses.

5.     There are murderers in town.  The Ironworks may have to do something.

6.     Who was spooking the Corvids on Saturday?  I hear he came straight out of their caravan, fancy as you please, and started pulling them away one by one, scaring them to bits.

7.     Darwinist are planning a huge party to celebrate the glow!  

8.     Better travel in groups… I heard people walking alone get their shit stolen

9.     That Asher fella likes to hide out in the forest a lot, skulking around.  Heard that one of the travellin’ scroungers got jumped and lost all his scrounge.  Bet that baby-eater did it.

10.  The farmers are starting to feel the influx into town as they’re getting ready to start planting.

11.  The lake has finally thawed out.  You know what happens when the lake thaws?

12.  I hear they're building Steel Horse Crossing back up with all the new folks. Maybe they'll build a brothel!

13.  I keep hearing about a shipyard.  Wonder what’s going on over there.

14.  What’s a Helldiver?  I keep hearing there was some kind of “run” last trade, but what were they running from?

15.  With the Fallow Hope faction running around near town, I wonder when they’ll show up for these psions.

16.  Randomly baptized folks seem to be a regular thing up here.  I wonder what’ll happen when big wigs come around testing folks to see how well they fit their new britches.

17.  Overheard on the train:
Guy 1: "I hear there are a lot of hot chicks in Steel Horse."
Guy 2: "Only if you like gearheads or dead 8 year olds."

18.  What's that smell?!? Is it the cistern or septics? Wait... where do septics come from?!

19.  I hear there's a new watering hole in Steel Horse. I also hear they may be looking to get them some more guards. Maybe they pay in hooch!

20.  Sounds like they’re serious about these laws.  Someone almost got into serious trouble last trade when the Admiral showed up.

Heather Surma