April's Donation List

AP Donation List

Looking to earn AP for the Wisconsin Game? You can do so by donating items the game needs!

You will receive 1 AP for each dollar spent. Be sure to save your receipts and email them to wisconsin.dystopiarising@gmail.com or send a copy to:

6508 S. 27th St.
Suite 9 #282
Oak Creek WI 53154

You will receive the AP once we have both the items and the receipt in hand. If you don’t have a receipt, we will give you a general AP total based off of amazon price and condition of item. AP can be spent at the first game, or any subsequent game.

If you are interested in donating NPC costumes be aware we accept costumes in size large and up.

Please comment below if you are purchasing something so we can keep track of what is being purchased to avoid duplicates.

If you have questions, ask!

Office Supplies
1. 6x9 envelopes - Wade
2. Garbage bags - Wade
3. Clorox wipes
4. Lysol
5. Facial wipes
6. Bug spray

Costume and Makeup
1. Kayo Syrup
2. Red Food Coloring
3. Makeup Cake – White
4. Makeup Cake – Yellow
5. Makeup Cake – Green
6. Makeup Cake – Red
7. Makeup Cake – Brown
8. Makeup Cake – Blue
9. Make up sponges
10. Costume donations in Large and XL (We are specifically looking for Green and Gold Jersey's in larger sizes)

Heather Surma