May Event Rumors

The streets and trails of Steel Horse Crossing are not quiet, though they are muddy.  Citizen and traveler alike pass time with idle chatter.  If you pay enough attention, this is what you might hear…

-Every time I walk from the train station to town at Steel Horse, I feel like I'm being watched.

-The bar may soon have booze.  What a novel idea.  A bar… with booze.

-Old man in the lighthouse was telling some weird stories about the lake, seems avoiding it at night might be a good idea.

-You hear folks tried to make friends with those hooded figures?  Think they’ll be like trash pandas and more will show if you don’t drive em off?

-There's talk of electing a mayor of Steel Horse Crossing. Who's the Works gunna bribe for that kind if sucker-job?

-Sounds like lotsa work available up there in Steel Horse... mail carriers, guards, farmers, and whatever get paid really real money up there!

-My cousin's boyfriend's brother shot a deer for dinner and when he cut it open, worms and lugs fell out!

-BFG north has begun.  Seems a recruitment drive has started in Steel Horse, let’s hope the political agenda stays with the southern chapters.

-There's this new service called "the Yorkshaw". The driver says it only sets on fire every once and awhile.

-Rover War - Friction between the two biggest rover clans seems to be heating up, will the Iron Navy have to quash a blood feud?

-Heard they don’t need bolt holes at that Roadhouse. They just dive out the damn windows.

-Heard even the Iron Navy can’t seem to catch them damn Fortunate Sons. Sounds like their name’s damn accurate!

-Is it true? Do them Winfreys really think they're born from some once living God? Is that even possible? Sounds like some crazy T.V. bullshit to me.

-The skunks are terrible this time of year, shiny and stinky all rolled into one.  Yuck.

-We’re making a weather machine!  Hell, someone needs to do something to stop all this damn snow.

-Things are due to start lighting on fire soon, you sure that weather machine is a good idea?

-Spring thaws mean the coal mine fire is gonna be heating back up again.  Its a weird kinda fire that gets bigger when water gets into the ground.

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