Crafting Policies

Crafting, and how it's done:

First, a quick note as a direct copy from Michael Pucci in reference to the game materials as they stand in the book:
"If a crafter is producing materials, they need to go get their item card after the crafting is done."

In essence, every time you do a thing, you need to trek to logistics and get your card. Thinking about it, even with the weather cooperating, it's a lot less fun to run things this way when that walk is long.  So our policy is going to take on aspects of one of the other long-trek games as follows:

1) During the hours Logistics is open, you may complete one "job", or 3 blueprints, at any one visit. A job is defined as the following:
- One card worth of meal/brew, up to 10 items
(Any blueprint that produces more than 10 items is still fine for one use!)
- One weapon/armor creation
- Any/All improvements on one weapon/armor
- One Forged Item (Still, Forge, Workbench, etc.)
- One instance of farming / fishing

That means if you need to make 3 Plexi-padding to get your end-result armor, then make sure you spend the time and resources to make all four "things" appropriately, and bring both blueprints with the materials, so you can get that particular armor. One card from Logistics is the key for this - it was not meant to have those with Building Tomorrow running to Logistics every time they needed a 2 minute crafting 37 times over for a larger effort.

2) During the hours Logistics is shut down, you may produce only one of the above activities, which may be turned in once Logistics opens.

In essence, if we have to take out more than one card to complete the activity you are doing at that time, you'd need to come back a second time (or more). This is different than the general guideline above, which would have you coming to logistics every time you pumped out a single brew or meal, or each upgrade you did to a weapon.

That said, these are policies that we're modifying slightly from the way they're intended to make production a bit less annoying. There are still rules, however, and games are required to impose such rules to ensure play is fair across the network.