June Rumors!

Those earthquakes are usual for the summer mines, but the pillars of fire?  That’s a new one.

Have you seen the dolls at the morgue?  Did you know they come alive and move around?

Sleeping sickness seems to be passed around by kissing boys.  Looks like half of Steel Horse is going to be knocked out part time at the rate Mac is going.

The monster in the lake is named Squiddly.  Gender unknown.

It’s warm enough that the Blood Ravens are likely heading out to feed with their young soon.  Time to get the meat ready!

Looks like the Iron Rung won’t be a thing up here after too long, the rebels are on full tilt against the Works.  Spend ‘em while you can!

The mask, the metal men, and now some freakish floppy doll-thing – I think Zell-Ann’s place is haunted.

Funny how white coats always meant scientists around these parts until all the new prospects showed up.  Now we’ve got folks being carted off by creeps.

Heather Surma