July's Rumors!

July Rumors

“Looks like it’s time for those Helldivers to jump in.  Whole town’s likely to blow if they don’t vent those holes.”

“Damn fools if you ask me.  Wonder how many they’ll lose this year?”

 “Heard Zell-Ann lost a friend in a white coat gone on over a month ago now.  Not many scientists just up and quit the ‘Works.  Wonder where that old man got off to?”

 "I heard the Navy came through and helped the town survive alotta nasty zed."
"Yeh, well, I heard they also strapped somebody to a pole and killed the heck outta 'im for breaking the law."

 "If it ain't the 'splodin train, its a case of the sick, and if it ain't that, you get attacked knocked around by an earthquake and attacked by giant chickens. That town is cursed."

 "The Roadhouse got a really real door now!"

 "The quaking and fire burping is bad this year. Cinders been comin' out of the mine now too. Bout time for them to go crack that thing open and settle this all down, ain't it?"

 "Ain't rover mating season over yet? Those scarves are pairing up all over the place!"
"Is it ever really over with those people?"

 "There's been a buncha thievin' going on in Steel Horse. Probably all those new garbage folk rollin' in."

 "What the hell are all those guys in cloaks about? One walks around sniffing like he's lookin' fer dinner and the other ones watch ya when you pee. It ain't right."

 "Investors have started moving into town. Who knows if they're legit or here to scam ya'll. Either way, they sure are waving around some big money."

 “The lake’s thawing and that means Squiddy is waking up.  Who’s Squiddy?  Good question!”

 “We saw a lot a big feathers last trade, might be about time for the Blood Raven’s ta start matin’ again.”

“Need meat, and a lot of it.  Farmers already lost whole cows and they’re runnin’ slim now.”

 “You tried that Little Drop of Sunshine drink they been sellin’ out by Town Hall?  They swear it is non-addictive, and it’s real good!”

"Oh yeah? I heard the lemonade stand is run by seditionists."
*shrugs* "Huhn.  Shame, cool drinks are gonna be needed in summer’s heat."

 “The local brewers and cooks are getting better by leaps and bounds, saved our asses last trade when the horde came roll’n though.”

 “That Marshal Sears fella has been awful shifty lately… even more full of himself that usual. Heard him mumbling ‘the priest says I’m, doing the right thing’.  That’s pretty weird if you ask me.”

 “I heard they haven’t seen the Lemon girl in 3 days, poor Jackie’s out of her mind with worry. Don’t tell her this… it’ll only break her heart… but I saw some nasty shadows leaving that camp”

 “I thought those navy psions kept the horde at bay…. Apparently it only grew…. Figures. Those damn psions draw zed like a good lamp draws moths.”

Heather Surma