August's Rumors!

"Sure are a lot of fancy-pants Pures running around lately. When did Steel Horse become a Summer vacation destination?"


“I could have sworn someone caught those damn bandits. But then none of them have been tried, and no justice has been done.  Guess maybe they slipped off again?”


“I heard that the huge gathering at Steel Horse last month riled up all the Zed in a 10 mile radius, I’d watch out if I were headed that way…”


"I hear the Railworkers are renegotiating their contract with The Works. Wonder if its gunna affect Steel Horse?"


“The bees have been acting weird lately. They’ve been following certain people.”


“Baby ‘Murder Birds’ are hatching.  Aren’t they?”


“A local scientist has been testing love potions in town.  Love potions… piffle.”


“I heard a group of kids ran off with the ‘Murican’s boom from splosions day and are planning on scaring that new settlement in the middle of the night.”


“Little Drop of Sunshine is non-addictive, we swear!  Anyone checked those drinks lately?”


“The local brewers are getting better by leaps and bounds.  If only they could keep the hooch stocked, they’d probably be rich.”


“Everything in the ground is on fire.”  

“Was on fire?  May still be on fire?”

“Let’s not test it, okay?”


“I heard the Saltwise from the area aren’t too pleased with people fishing their waters.  You best watch out if you’re dropping a poll in any lake ‘round here.”


“A local natural one tribe is looking to defend themselves from the growing raider attacks, but I’ve heard they’ve almost been wiped out.”

“Doesn’t help that some of them townsfolks took to killin some last trade.  That’s what I hear, anyway.”


“Ain't it about time to harvest all that stuff outta the lake? It'd be a waste if they didn't.”

“Yeh, well, they're all scared of some made-up monster they call 'Squidly'."
"Pansies. Hell, I'd go get all those cattails if I could swim!"


“I heard a whispering out in the woods the other night.  Friend said he went out to investigate a few nights before, and that he got frozen in place and ended up dreaming with his eyes open.  Seems like he’s been dippin in the hooch a bit heavy lately.”


"I hear the Roadhouse Bar is hiring!"

“I hear there’s no more Roadhouse Bar?”


“Did you know that the vents of fire everywhere are actually the furnace that keeps everything going?  Wonder what they use to fuel that thing…”


"Heard a murderbird got somebody in town, gave 'em the rot. Heard they smelled reeeeeeaaaal bad for a coupla days after that too."

"Looks like the firemines got vented. Heard some really messed up stuff was down there. Sounded worse than it’s ever been. Hope them poor folks are okay. They're heroes!"

"Careful catching the wild animals fer meats. Summa them have weird stuff in 'em."
"Like what?"

"I dunno. Like metal and stuff. Good for scrap though, I guess."


Heather Surma