Hey, Did You Hear? - November


“Well, with the Thrill Kill season out, now all we gotta worry about is the winter raven feedings, that dark stalker, some kinda super bees, the starving season, the insane amount of raiders north of us, or the ‘Works finding something wrong in town because someone done fucked up.”
“Still, it could be worse.”
“Damn it Leroy, that’s not somethin’ you say!”

"Somebody said sumthin about a brothel opening in town. Nothin says civilization like a good ole whorehouse!"

“What’s an ‘unregistered’ psion, anyhow?”
“Around here?  One you won’t see again.”
“How ya register then if ya don’t want to get carted off?”
“Why?  You a psion?  There’s a reward for that, y’know…”

"I heard a buncha folks are all pissed that some rover who ain't even from Steel Horse tried to talk on behalf of the town. Bet they ain't gunna get much hospitality from here on out."

[Errant Note in Town]
“Roses are Red, Your Scarves are Blue, Just like Your Face, While I’m Choking You.”

“Soemthin’ got the RPM stirred up it seems.  Couple’a new faces around the edges of town.”

“I wonder how many people realize that this trade is actually closer to the Nemesis holy day than last trade?  Most folks don’t think in backwards timeframes.  That’ll be a mistake.”

"My sister said The Works has been cracking down on illegal drugs lately. Man, I hope it’s just a fine and not actual arrestin'!"

"Folks say the HFC crew dropped a mine last trade and all kinds of bugs came out of the ground. Hell, I ain't seen this many bees my whole life. Why're bees coming out of the ground?!?"

[Posted in Town]
All verifiable Fortunate Sons may be claimed for bounty at the remote depot in town for 5 Lugs per capture.  Must be alive, per Ironworks law.  Dead Fortunate Sons are broken laws.

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