Hey Did Ya Hear?


“I heard one of them Pures went and made a coat out of some raider skins.  I sure hope that fashion trend don’t start catchin’ on.“


“If you don’t get eaten by a giant beast while looking for food, you’ll starve to death, or die from some nasty disease.  It’s never been this bad before!”

“Sounds like that new disease has been killing people off in other towns already.  Wonder why our folk seem so resilient?”


“Words got ‘round that someone wrote the Chancellor a letter.  Said she should come visit!  Either that’s the worst idea ever, or someone wants us all dead.”


“There’s gonna be a rocket launch in two months!”

“Sounds to me more like there’s gonna be another giant crater in two months…”



“Kinsford, Pine Grove, Litzon and then Penn Angle.  Four towns, three local morgues gone, and all within walking distance of Steel Horse.  So, where are we going to put our next morgue?”


“Some scientist went and gotten himself eaten alive in the middle of town by zed.  Why didn’t he just go inside and let the town kill them?”


“Where’s the Navy been this Winter? They sit back and watch us starve while they play with their guns and eat fancy sammiches and cider.”

“Well, they cleaned up Kingsford after it got run through.  Sounds like they’re getting pulled all over keeping all the raiders and zed in check.  I could use some of that food though.”


“I heard the Lemonade Stand folks pissed off all the rovers and ended up having to pay for three rover weddings and give them a year’s supply of hooch!”


“Didn’t that piggy girl say she lost all her blueprints?  Wonder if that means I’ll get to eat again.”


“If the raiders are all on the same team now, are they going to outnumber the regular people?”


“All remnants have this secret code that they gotta all support each other against normal people. They all are different except they all are born with the secret language to use without anyone knowing.”


“Some folks last trade were asking around, trying to pick up some resources from out in the Wastes.  Never heard of Blood Leaves or Firebush Berry, have you?”

“Nope.  More important, who’s got the money to import random things right now?”


 “I saw a real live Postman leaving town last trade!  Maybe this means we’ll get some more trade and money flowing through town—you know, if they ever fix the train tracks.“


“Did you hear, there was some kind of glowing raider thing that blew up when it died!”

“What, with fire and explosions?”

“No, with some kind of weird radiation.  Melted the damn workbench and some other things in Zell-Ann’s place!  Just a puddle of slag when they were done.”


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