Announcement time!

First up on the block: Advanced Professions

AP submissions are now open and available on the SHC website, link below. If you want to submit your PC for an advanced profession, please use this form only (all other requests will be discarded). Further, read every detail extremely carefully on the page. It's not a trick submission, but every detail must be followed. Once you hit submit, that's your one time for the next 12 months you can do so. Please make it count properly!…/

Second: Rarity strain changes

In our initial three year story arc, there have been a few things planned from the day we opened our doors. The information here includes details of things that are changing around you and due to your influence. All changes take effect now, and all original details are still valid and need no change (such as, you pay no extra AP for any change made now).

1) Despite the harsher conditions than normal, the Reclaimers have felt a push to become more insular and less open. While most have not yet fled north, there is an honest sentiment that northern Wishigan is less than hospitable for them. You will likely see even fewer than usual, including a few trading groups that had been openly offering amenable trading with Steel Horse.

Reclaimers have been moved to Rare (300 AP)

2) Conversely, with the town overwhelmingly supporting the RPM in their efforts to improve the surrounding area in a time of need, Dick Berken and the local DJs have slowly come around to helping residents more openly. While still bitter over certain topics, the RPM has started to engage a smaller, but regular, presence in town.

Diesel Jocks have been moved to Uncommon (150 AP)

Please continue to remember that ALL restricted strains have particular requirements placed on them. Having the list amount of AP for any strain does not ensure that you will play that strain. If you'd like to review the current restricted strain list, it can be found here:…/…/strains-in-drwi

Thanks all!

Heather and Mike