Hey, Did You Hear? - May

  • “Heard people made out real good at DeeCee. Lemonade stand, Jones’, & Corvids prolly real rich by now. Hope summa that makes it into town cause the rest of the folk are real poor still.“

“Wonder if some of that won’t even make it back into town at all?”

“Whatchya mean?  Ooooh….”


  • “Fuck me, she actually got the letter?  And she’s responding?”

  • “Iron Works is looking to crack down on illegal slave trade.  You a slaver you best have your paperwork in order least they check you.  Rumor has it they just cut you down where you stand you sell slaves without a license.”

“Course real slavers came into town again over last trade with some unusually skilled slaves.  Not much business to be had though.  And people wonder why real slave auctions don’t happen?”

  • “Looks like folks are starting to feel a lot better.  Guess the doctors found the cure to that plague that’s been going around. Just in time too, who knows how much worse it could have gotten.”


  • “I heard the Final Knights are trying to take over the town, made the hostel holy ground and everything. I say we just let them have it, can’t be any worse than what some other folks have been doing.”

  • “Shshsh, I hear lotsa people been learning about the Gravemind from one or two people. I wonder how long it's gonna take before anyone realizes they're all gonna go crazy?”


  • “Poor Marcy… her wedding was going to be so beautiful.  Nothing stops the horde though, those zed rolled through and left naught but bones.”

  • “My ma told me this guy new to town named Farmer Charlie died trying to save a fancy pureblood. Ma said he crawled outta the ground and everybody made fun of him and almost let him die a second time. What kind of people do that?”


  • “Things is heating up, almost time for the vents to start burping up fire again.  You know what that means, all sorts of flaming critters.  Hell, I even saw a flaming yeti one year run by, and it’s best not see that again.”

  • “Sounds like the Action Committee had to sign some kind of contract to be recognized by the Works. I wonder if they hang when townsfolk break the law? That'd be one way to get rid of ‘em!”


  • “Navy patrol got hit hard, heard a few fell in the fights.  Pit stops are getting worse, someone’s gotta do something soon or it’s gonna get worse!”

  • “Apparently there’s some guy going around killing local monsters. Maybe the Iron Works should hire him to go about killing all these raiders next?”


  • “Those stupid Darwins hunting that Hodag were apparently chasing a rat the whole time. It wasn’t even one of them giant mutated rats or nothing!  What a bunch of idiots.”

  • “Why’s a bunch of people turning into raiders all of a sudden? Was it Little Red Schoolhouse? All the raider hordes? Bad food? It's getting really bad ‘round here.”

  • “Sounds like everyone’s trying to rally their friends to go after this family of killers, good luck to ‘em, I wouldn’t be caught dead goin’ out there, because then I’d just be dead.”

  • “Ma also told me that the local tribe came into town to get some help in their outside church and the townsfolk left them out there to die. Maybe Steel Horse Crossing ain't as hospitable as we thought, huh?”
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