Hey, Did You Hear? - June

  • Hear that?  That scream is a couple’a engines roaring as that Abram fella come peelin up the roads from down south.  Hellraiser, I hear he calls it – gouts a flame and got zed smear all over the damn thing.  That’s a machine for ya.
  • I’ll bet you five lugs I can cook an egg on the ground over there.
  • Seems like the McLeods have gone quiet.  Nice bit for a change to not have every at each other’s throats.  Maybe they’ve moved on finally?
  • I heard they’re building something called a ‘spa’ in Steel Horse. Must be why all them Pures are headed north.
  • Who keeps writing messed-up letters to folks from supposedly dead people? Its been messing folks up in the head. That aint funny, its mean. Some say the graveheads think its the gravemind. I don’t think that thing knows how to write, buddy.
  • That… thing?  The one that pinned up Jackson?  What the heck was it, and why was it talkin to folks?  Seems to come around more than just a few times.
  • You haven’t seen any dead babies on the road, have you? No, no reason.
  • I heard the Navy shelling is to try to keep the raiders back. They said they won’t stop hitting the front line, even if it comes into town. That ain’t no good for townsfolks.
  • I heard tell a couple new folks almost set the whole town on fire again. Not sure why they’re so impatient for summer to start.
  • A great ‘Merican hero killed a self-proclaimed nemesis right in the middle of town!
  • See this hole in the ground? Just toss something valuable down there, and make a wish.
  • Seems the fire mines started up kinda early this year. Somebody said a few steam vents opened up right in town and spit up some zed right into the Corvid kitchen and the hostel.
  • Them pures talkin about a Lemonade Stand Massacre might’a been exaggerating before, but they set up right up by the Depot last trade and got hit real bad a few times ‘cause of it. Some angry lady natural ones and some nasty raider docs, I heard. I wonder if they still turned a profit?
  • The say Gary lost his marbles and ascended. I heard the hostel got real messy there without him for a while. I wonder if folks are gunna be mad or more appreciative of him when he gets his head settled?
  • You want to make some money, boy, you gotta learn to hustle. You’ll have time to sit around and drink hooch once you’re rich.
  • Looks like the Chancellor almost got her a letter.  Guess she has people to screen out the boring ones and send off an attack hound instead.
  • I heard the whole town’s gone crazy and started hearing things. Probably just the Hedons drinking Spirit Walk again.
  • I heard someone wants to set off a bomb in the caves below town to put out the fires. As if burning season wasn’t enough of a reason to leave town!
Heather Surma