Hey, Did You Hear? - July

“I heard that Matt Derrick killed all the McLeods himself, but he didn’t stop there.  He just kept going with a sick grin on his face until he was completely covered in their blood.  I know they were horrible people but only a monster would do something like that…”

“I ain’t seen or heard anybody planning a helldive yet this season? What, they gunna just let the whole damned town burn like down in Bravo? What’s so important they ain’t been planning the helldive yet?!?”

“I heard that Hell Diving isn’t even a real thing, that these so called Hell Divers set the mines on fire themselves so they can look like big damn heros.  Pretty sad if you ask me…”

“What the holy hells is going on with all the babies disappearing around town? Folks are starting to lose their minds and been hiding their kids with relatives way outside the area. Gravemind stuff? Final Knight stuff? Baby thieves? What’s going on?”

“Sounds like Cooper’s been showing the town what a real High Saturday hedon party looks like. Where’s the hedon priests been in all this? Is this their tribute to Sloth? Letting Cooper do all the work?”

“Did you know that if you cover yourself in some crazy liquid you become immune to fire, I’m not even joking this weird couple invented it!”

“More of them purebloods been coming into town for some kind of rustic vacation. I suppose nobody warned them the whole damned town’s on fire? That’s bad advertising!”

“Ugh. I’ve had this weird itch ever since that horde of zed wandered into town last trade…”

“I heard Steel Horse is due for an Ironworks raid, they said that there were just too many illegal drugs in the area.  Better get used to clean living or get all your papers in order...”

“Did you hear that Valravn told that Knotter to go kill herself? You’d think someone as respectable as the Corvid Queen might be a little more sympathetic to a woman who’s lost her dead child like that.”

“One of those stupid earthshakes that keeps happening tipped over my favorite hooch mug and broke it. It had sentimental value, too.”

“Why do folks keep on insisting on stealing the baby-dolls from the Morgue?  Seems like the Gravemind started sending things to get them back too.”  

“Between the ‘Mericans celebrating their holiday and the Helldivers chompin’ at the bit, how many explosions do you think we’ll hear over the next few weeks?  How much dynamite do you think they have?”  

“Didja see the Admiral come in and meet with the town action counsel? That stupid action counsel thing ain’t nothin but a joke. I heard that Norske fella even done and quit ‘cause he said it don’t do nuthin anyway.”

Heather Surma