Hey Did You Hear? - September


“Hey, did you see all of those people who tromped out of town last trade? I wonder where they were going.”

“I heard something was prowling the woods at night last trade. Lil Bobby said he found some animals with their heads all torn off.”

“The guy talked like a doc and had a name like one… what was it?  Dr. Snyder?  Robert maybe?  Well, he looked like a doc for sure, but it was in his eyes.  That certain brand of crazy that you just know ain’t right.  Had something for eyes, starin’ on like that.”

"Dixie Rose and Sophie just about killed some fancy pure with pink hair. How much you wanna bet that ain't over yet? Make some popcorn!"

“If it wasn’t for that stupid witch baby, I’d have won that carnival prize too! I hope the Gravemind swallows him whole.”

"My brother said there's a feud between a bunch of rovers in town. His buddy said it was just a fight between Corvids & BFG. Either way, that ain't gunna go good."

“I heard someone’s quartermaster got thugged out near the new Depot. Pity. I tried to tell them that the old location was safer, even if it was a bit of a hike.”
"The Drunken Donkey Bar & Lounge opened up and has been real busy. 'Bout time we got a bar that ain't a murderhouse!"

“Ran into a trader that just sailed in. Said he came across a spot in the woods where some critter with 6 feet ripped apart a whole group of raiders. Said there was raider parts everywhere, but all the faces was gone. Now, I’ve seen some weird stuff out in the wastes, but I ain’t never seen a 6 legged critter that eats faces. Least one that’s blue.”

"Ricky said all the Kishwaukee done turned into raider-witches and came into town to kill folk, starting with Septima!"

“Ya gotta wonder, if the problems kept getting taken care of, you think less things’d pile up and cause double extra trouble?  Seems like problems only get short term solutions.”

"Been asking around, but nobody who went to the Helldive can say if they vented it proper or not. Nobody seems to be talking about it, which makes me real worried. Hell, I heard the only real Helldiver Steel Horse got decided to retire!"

"My Ma said some doctor put their baby-makin' bits into that sick, goopy tree and that's why we's got all kinds of sick going 'round town now."

"I heard a Lascarian family came into town while everyone was out at the 'dive and were asking to move back into town. Didn't they kill everybody last time they's lived here?"

"Coupla scarves came in and said there was some folks going around stealing last trade. They heard it was some kids, but I overheard some other folks sayin' it was folks who live in town!"

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