Hey Did You Hear? - October 2017


“That big meet up 12 knots way seems to have made a big fuss in the Wastes.  Rumors go that the Chancellor had someone up and disappear on her?”
“Well hell, that’ll make her REAL endearing to Rovers I’m sure!”


“Fights in town with prizes?  I wonder how that’ll turn out.  Wonder if that kinda bettin’ is legal?”

“Dis gon’ be good…”


“Someone said something about that Septima gal going on a murder spree?  Did those Fortunate Sons wash off on her?”

“Nah, probably just a Pure gone stir crazy out in the fresh air.  They like to be all kept pretty and uptight indoors too much for this kinda livin’.  Bound to happen at some point.”


“End of fall, and we haven’t seen a single raven for the season?  Either they’ve got real stealthy, or they’ve gone off and cleared out.  I’m worried about only one of those.”


“Why do we keep hearing about that Merican with his crazy experiments?  I mean, I understand that we’re in a town that appreciates some science, but that man trying to trap murderous things and poke at them doesn’t seem right in the head, science be damned.”

“Hear he did say he wants to make a cow that gives off hooch instead of milk, y’know?”

“Huh, never mind I said anything.  Seems like a good enough scientist.”


“Ironworks census taking seems to be a reasonable enough thing.”

“Unless you’re a psion that hasn’t registered, or a ‘free slave’, or some other fool thing.”


[Posted on a Sign]

“The more you ignore the late night, the worse the coming last fight.”


“Fortunate Sons been mighty quite this year by comparison.”

“Ayuh, heard they keeping it low until that Coleman feller takes his butt south for the freeze.”

“Why him?”

“Seem they got them a score fer settlin’ wit them crows.”


“I posit that Nemesis are like the psion manifestation.  Similar to having more psions in a place attracting more of the waking dead, so too the Nemesis threat is created with more people in one place.  I further hypothize that the population of untrained Telling Visionists doesn’t help this particular situation.  I theoretically will be staying indoors, despite Steel Horse having yet to experience a true ‘Nemesis Season’ as reported by other outlying settlements.”



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