Hey, Did You Hear? - February's Rumors


The Ironworks have dispatched one hell of a force headed north.  What’s so important that they sent more than one unit of Dragoons?

“I heard one of ‘em told the gas brains up there that they needed to give ‘em their land and their right to self-govern or some nonsense?”
“How’s that work?  Them folks want to try and take the land from the Ironworks?  Sounds a bit like treason, y’ask me.  Where was the Works on their radio?”
“Ain’t nobody told the works they had their radio – just up and made demands and such.  M’friend Ansel had ‘em read the whole transcript, word for word!”

They say those secretaries of the Ironworks were making deals with folks, but how many people actually know what they were asking for?

Sounds like all types of folk were available for any number of things.  It seems Septima was everywhere at once, making promises.  Think she can keep them all, or did she just sign her own life away?

When is the last time you heard of a town working with raiders to achieve a common goal?  The answer is usually when half the town is ok with bad brain.  Guess that’ll make way for new folks with clearer heads.

“Reports from folks left up north scouting say the land has been shelled so hard by the navy that everything is a bit out of sorts.  Hills and valleys, trees cleared away for days, rubble everywhere.  Hear they’re trying to keep all the buildings standing, though?”
“Not just standing, but intact best they can.  Suspect they’ll need some repair after all that.”

Is it true, raiders can build their own shacks?  I thought they were just mindless creeps.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.  Have a friend moving out in the morning that’s joining the corps of engineers to get water and power established back home, at least in a temporary fashion.

“We may be heading back to life as usual, huh?”
“Mayhap with a lot more raiders to deal with.  Whole town’ll have to be more worried about dangers now, what with all those raiders getting bold enough to make a real threat.”
“Organized raider armies – who’da thought that was a thing, anyway?”
“Ain’t like that Chez fella and Badda Boom haven’t been fightin’ each other for a few years now.  Raiders don’t make a big show of fightin’ each other if someone ain’t pointin’m some way.”

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