Hey, Did You Hear? - October's Rumors

Early assessments say that the road from Hell to Steel Horse is pretty well tamed between the small military patrols and the regular RPM supply lines.  It was nice to feel some small semblance of civilization out there, but it’ll be nice to get home under more or less safe passage.


Sounds like the various military forces that had been occupying the town while most folks vacated are pushing back to make room for us getting home, but they’ve lost a lot of militia to attrition.  Be ready for some heavy fighting in those pockets.


Badda’s raiders seem to have picked up on using more devastating weaponry.  Chemicals?  Radiation?  What the hell is going on there?


… And then there’s Fuckstart.  I’m so damn conflicted.


Here’s the thing about this nemesis stuff – we don’t see much during this supposed ‘season’.  We just see all kinds of random assery all year, so it’s not that much different.


What’s with the string of interviews lately?  One, sometimes two, a month.  When did we get famous?


Come one, come all, and witness magic!  From the forbidden realms of the Dark Carnival, The Painted Ones come!


A few reports came back down the trail that there’s a dark figure lurking on the edges of town.  Long black coat, black hat.  No one has seen him much more than that.


Isn’t feeding season almost over?  Why haven’t we seen a single blood raven yet?  I’m not sure if I should be happy or worried.


Not quite sure what it is – maybe that old, rotten tree, or the new raider weapons?  But farmers have had some very unusual results when farming around the area.  Perfect timing, with everything about to freeze over.


Isn’t a caravan of Rovers making and repairing boots a bit on the nose?

Not if they’re making money doing it.  Speaking of which, wonder if they have anything in my size.



[Found pinned to the inside of the mail stop]

Hiding among you,

They have been watching your life,

Biding their sweet time.


Did you read the note

Left in the depot last month?

I tried to warn you.


And they came for you,

Slowly seeking their targets.

Are you the next one?

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