Moving Towards 3.0 - Plot and Transparency

There’s a lot going on right now in the world of plot, and how the landscape is changing in DR to adopt new constructs for the 3.0 release.  While this is extremely exciting news, it has also caused some confusion and even some feeling of ostracism due to where we are located and our setting and genre.  So let’s break that down with a bit of clarity and transparency so we can start off on the same page.  As much as we love open-ended, player-guided plot as part of our game, we also have some specific lines that have been drawn since prior to our first game, and it’s entirely fair to help you see where those lines are and how you can use them to help shape your game!

Let’s start with a few points of clarity.  First, the national plot currently rolling out has no negative connotations targeting our game based in the Ironworks or our players at all.  I’ve heard a number of concerns worrying on that point, but I want to make sure you all read this here because I think it’s extremely important.  As owners we knew, going in, that the changes to the material required changes to our setting as well.  We were, and are, well aware of where things are headed and are also helping to steer parts of this plot with our own experience.  The Ironworks will not disappear, and we will not lose the setting we are already playing in.  While the Iron Works may change, many of the staples we already have in place will remain when everything is said and done.  The changes that come will be positive overall, and no matter how many voices say otherwise, the network will not be simply steamrolling the game at hand.  (Many don’t know quite how big the Iron Works really is, and the true resources they have at their disposal – something you all know very well!)

On slavery and the associated change: As you already are very likely aware, slavery and the Iron Works setting are tied together pretty tightly.  We took that opportunity to work through the difficulties there when our game opened and ensured our players that took on the role of a slave knew what they were getting into and how to work with that system.  There were no concepts approved for “stupid” or “brainless” slaves.  We didn’t allow players to personify a “happy slave”, who was a cherubic champion of slavery due to how excellent it was for whatever reason.  We emphasized the horrific capitalistic oppression of any and all resources, that took people and turned them into objects.  No part of slavery is remotely acceptable in the real world, and we took this setting material on not to make light of real-life history and culture but allow our players the ability to roleplay within the sinister boundaries of a morally bankrupt empire.  Our players did a phenomenal job of portraying this devastating reality, and I appreciate them taking it with gravity it deserved.  If you haven’t read it yet, I’ll link it below as it deserves a read, but the statement made on why slavery is being eliminated is a tribute to realizing a set of books written years ago, with less awareness of how it would impact others, needs to Evolve.  We support this evolution completely and hope you will join us in the respect deserved for making positive steps forward.

On plot and participation with no games until March: Please know that I have gone to huge lengths to ensure our players can participate in a large variety of options to help work themselves into plot until we gather for our next game.  NPCs will be looking for your help or voices, ideas, and ultimately action.  If you want to participate, you are entirely welcome to do so!  This isn’t a gated event – it’s available to everyone in our game who is looking for input and agency in their home game and setting material.

So – what can you change?  To be fair, the list of things you can change are wildly larger than things that are not changing.  As always, the variety of plot items rolling out on the national stage, along with other more localized options, are all available to you.  It will take your impetus to get involved – you need to jump in somewhere and let us know you’re going to touch on one or more plot points via the method or methods provided.  Sometimes you may be posting reactions to IG material, or videos, or sound recordings.  There is a lot to talk about, but it will all be available publicly.  Please keep watching for it!

What won’t change?  We’ve often talked about a few immutable options for our game, as we have committed to a number of things from day one.  First, Wisconsin’s game will not leave the Iron Works barring a requirement for such in 3.0 material.  This game was established as, and will continue to be, in the Iron Works setting.  This is something that we as owners and game runners have deep investment, and we want you as players to understand that line so we don’t have people that are frustrated about not changing that aspect.  To that end, the game will also always have laws issued by the Works.  Those laws, if you’re familiar with them, will absolutely be changing.  Despite those changes, they will still exist.  The laws facilitate a number of other underlying aspects of the game and background and are inherently part of the structure of everything built up behind the game, NPCs, and story.  Lastly, the town will always be ‘owned’ by NPC groups or factions for a variety of OOG reasons as well as some story components.  This is more an administrative item due to a variety of discussions with other chapters, and ensures we avoid other lingering potential issues long term.

Beyond that, the game has an open door to player agency.  I’ve said it before, and it will remain true: your world and NPCs are all interactive.  If you do something, they can and will react.  Sometimes that works in your favor, and other times it doesn’t.  But if you feel strongly about a particular thing you want to change, there are always options for that.

If you have questions about any items on the list above, please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss them.  The game is ultimately about your desired level of involvement, and the enjoyment you derive from it.  If you’d enjoy working on some game aspects while we have downtime from events, I’m here to help.


Mike Surma

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