Hey, Did You Hear? - December's Rumors

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Things in the mists, clowns, faceless people.  Weren’t we just saying something about the lack of an apparent Nemesis season?  Did they take it as a challenge?


Did you see the bear?  NO!  Not a regular bear, a fuck off kind of radiation bear!


Raiders testing the borders.  Raiders attacking.  Raiders… coming to chat about other raiders?  I can’t make this shit up.


So is Fuckstart bad now, or is it that Twelve by Two DJ that’s offer her rocker?  Are they both raiders?  Either of them?  I just want my farm back, and this isn’t helping.


Sounds like someone was suggesting the Bray Beast was part of Bloom Industries.  Why does their name keep coming up?  Ace who?


So, it seems like planting near the warm waters is working this year like we started hearing from last year.  We may just have enough food for the winter season from now on, if the shore can stay warm enough to keep things thawed.


I caught a glimpse of a list of names while I was in the depot.  DeWalt, Bells, Coleman Corvid, Cass, and some others.  I didn’t want to get caught staring, but what do those folks all have in common anyway?


I’ve been looking for the Hooch Bird for weeks!  I don’t know how, but every time I turn around, I’ve lost another bottle of hooch, and yet I still can’t find the damn thing.  I don’t know how many more weeks I can stay drunk to see this sucker!


People keep going missing when they get too far out of town.  I hear the RPM may have even stopped some of their runs up north to avoid the trouble.  That’s got to be some serious issues.


 I thought spiders went inside for the winter so they could survive?  What do you MEAN frostbite spiders?!  You’re joking, right?




Sounds like one of the booming businesses of the Wastes is headed along the shore to pick up new fighters.  Could be a lucrative business if you like fighting and want to make it in the circuit.


With all these raiders piling down on the military and the town, did anyone ever really take stock of what happens to dead people after they truly expire?  I’d hypothesize we are going to see quite the deluge of zed in the near future, and I’m not sure anyone wants to be in town for a horde the size of this battlefield.



[Found pinned to the inside of the mail stop]

No more poems.  Time’s up.

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