Hey, Did You Hear? - March's Rumors


Action Report: CY-F0226-UF

Militia lines breaking on western front.  Collateral damage to auxiliary units.  Raider on raider violence increasing to compensate.

The logistics of the area being what they are, even the RPM and the rail lines can’t keep up with the consumption of lead and steel.  Constant flows of material seem the call of the day.

“Best thing I’ve heard come out of the Ironworks for business is the new work orders.  Should get my shop in profit right quick with making and selling some of those pieces they’re looking for.”

“Seems relatively safe, as best as we can expect, for a war just outside the doors.  At some point, the military goes home.  What happens then?”

“One o’ them dragoon types come set hisself up on the front of the house, comfy as you please, leaning like a slab o’ beef on m’wall.  I come out to figger what he’s up on, and he takes off his helmet with a hand as big as a ham, and that face… that face.  It’ll haunt me til I’m gone the last time.  Let that’un sit against that there wall as long as he wanted, to be sure.”

“War is bad for health, but good for trade.  Food has been shipped into the area to keep the chill at bay, and people keep coming and going to head to the front lines.  Means we keep fresh hands and pockets cycling through.”
“Beats the last few years.  Having this much food available means no one is going hungry, which sure as hell I won’t complain about.  Nor the new, full pockets.”
-Overheard at the train depot

[pm fvb jhu ylhk aopz, hzr hil mvy alu sbn] – a note passed around the bar one night

“The Snowfoot clan keeps chattering about the Hodag.  Looks like they may have found the real thing this time.”
“I wonder how many will be dead before the give up on that thing?”

“Sounds like the Helldivers are planning to find a way to clear the radio tower so they can assess the damage and see if it’s still in working order.  Bet they end up having to pour a lot into that sucker after this long.”

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