Hey, Did You Hear? - July's Rumors

Did you hear.png

“Couple small boomers going on last weekend, eh?”

“Yeah, and the ‘divers have some planned vents coming up towards next weekend for trade.”

“Heard they come some explosives, but not enough yet.  Wonder how that’ll work out.”


“That medical tent setup ain’t a bad idea – keep the troops healthy, maybe even get some of the folks around here some free medicine at a central location.”

“As long as the docs are willing to work it, seems like it’ll stick around a while.”


“Hey Vern, whatcha doin’ with them fish?  Ain’t you got family to feed?”

“Yawp, but them Ironwork folks got some new skinning table come ta town.  More fish come away from the table that just tearin’m up at home, y’know?”


[Posted on a nearby Notice Board]

Ladies Auxiliary Tea to be held Saturday morning.  Refreshment and manners provided.


“I hear Smith ‘n Wesson are bringing their shooting gallery back to town.  Wonder what’s to win this year?”


“Zephyr’s been out a while digging, no?”

“Ayuh, but they always seem to find something.  Wonder what’s up out of the ground this time?”


“Seems some folk are running out in the woods in the tree lines.”

“That wouldn’t be those on fire Lascarians, would it?”

“Could be I spose, but they didn’t look on fire.”

“Either way, there’s a story going around folks are killing them in cold blood.  Surest way to get an invitation sent to the Ironworks when people turn them in.”

“Just when I thought we’d get some quiet, folks up and turn the middle of nowhere upside down and shake it until the ‘works comes out.  Can’t seem to keep out of trouble to save themselves.”


“Snails… why’d it have to be snails…”