Hey, Did You Hear? - August's Rumors

Raiders have been getting particularly vicious.  Some deaths on the outskirts of the ‘dive site, but others are hit and runs with stolen caravan goods.  Do raiders stock up on things?


A small group of folks have been gathering just outside of the main Helldiver’s encampment.  It seems like a bunch of entertainers or something.  I’ve heard they’re some kind of carnival?


“’Fashion consultants’ in the middle of the Northern Ironworks?  It’s got to be a bunch of bored Pureblood bullshit or something.  But, gear that’s cleaner and will hold up better than I got ain’t bad.”
“Sounds like they target folks newer to settlements, and tend to like mid-mornings on High Saturday.  Are they Hedons too?  Free’s the right price in my book.”


Bunch ‘o them farmers walking around with weird, green crap all over ‘em.  Need to find ‘em a shower or so, or they’ll end up turning into them plants they harvest.


Big weird bees, chased around by big green bugs, are makin’ my life a big pain in the ass.


There’s a whole rabble of Remnants complaining about work conditions again.  Didn’t that just happen last year in town?  Why the hell they come out here?


Jona Goodfan is apparently coming to the Helldiving site to write up an article on “frontier etiquette” over the trade!  That’s a fairly big name for such a small space.  The writers coming out this way must be getting great details from us smart folk!


Lot more folks been displaced out here once the Helldive started up for the year.  Locales been hit with raiders and zed alike, and the burners are out in the heat scorching the land.  Sounds like resettlement is the word, but what place needs even more people crowding in?


Badda and his raiders gave been getting more dangerous, and more aggressive, with the antagonism.  Folks been bragging about some blown up pit stop rides, but that’s just been a catalyst to send more hell into town.


[Found pinned to the inside of the mail stop]

Evil lives within

The hearts and minds of many,

Even saintly folk.


An evil presence

Threatening your existence

Fills your heart with dread.


Stained, bloody fingers

Reach for the flesh of your throat

Wanting to feast there.