Hey, Did You Hear? - September's Rumors

Did you Hear.png

“What do you mean ‘haven’t ever seen anything like it’?  They’re raiders.  Not long ago, that had thousands of them around here.  How bad can it be?”

“It isn’t the number of raiders…”


Time to start packing up for home.  Rumors have it that there may be some planning and fighting to get back, but it shouldn’t be anything too terrible.  The RPM have kept the routes open, and the Navy has ensured the boots on the ground have kept most of the threat at bay.


Garbage?  Do you want more ants?  This is how you get ants!


That funny Cheesehead fella has been in and out of the area a lot lately.  Someone said the Cheeseheads are helping us get home?  What the hell is going on when we’re not just supposed to kill Cheeseheads?


Snowfoot clan has been poking around again.  Something about a ‘Bray Beast’?  Are these guys just all whackjobs?


Investments: Sometimes you get your monies worth.  Sometimes you get rich.  Plenty end up broke.  Get someone with the right skills, in the right situation, and you could stand to make a lot of money!


Wait, you mean to tell me someone came into town last trade, ate another person, and left without anyone making a real fuss?  Seems like some folks are spending too much time with Lascarians.  Nothing ever went wrong with THAT plan before!


I wonder what the snails do if they’re not trying to mate?  That seems dangerous.  Very dangerous.


I guess the folks that turned in the carnival for being unregistered psions last trade were really trying to get them to not come back.  Pity for them, they were all registered long before it was an issue.  I wonder if the informants get paid out for bad intelligence too?


Badda has to go if we ever really want to get back into a real semblance of life in Steel Horse.  If he escapes, he’s going to end up coming back for what he thinks is his, I’m sure.


[Found pinned to the inside of the mail stop]

Never close your eyes

To the people around you.

Even they can kill.


Did you read the note

Left in the depot last month?

I tried to warn you.


Now your time is up.

They’re here and waiting for you.

And you stopped looking.

Heather Surma