Hey, Did You Hear? - March's Rumors

For a giant territory engaged in war with the Trade Union, it's been awful quiet around here.


So, the Trade Union accepts Steel Horse money, the Ironworks accepts Steel Horse money, and no one is going to be upset about the two sides using the town as a point of contention with each other?  I'm pretty sure this is going to go bad somehow.


There's blue glowing out in the forest at night.  It wasn't Farmer Charlie.


I remember a time back when vermin was nibblin on our food.  Didn't everyone get sick for leaving stuff out and not cleaned up?


There was some whackadoo collecting bats just outside of town late last night.


Some doctor just ordered food for a dinner party or something?  Why are we having dinner parties during some kind of war?


Trains are down except for military folk, roads need work, and there are a lot of people walking lately.  What an inconvenience!


So, the RPM - working for the Ironworks or against it?  Every time I turn around, it seems things change.

Welp, you can turn in an old ride an find out, right?


The Works is cracking down on crime a bit more than usual.  Seems like they're looking for folks willing to commit to their own treason.  My cousin saw an Iron Commander tearing out the life of some random guy on the side of the road!


Lotta folks need some help after the raiders and the last year.  The more folks get involved, the more we can set up for the coming troubles.  Welcome to the Wastes.


"The man in black donned his hat and hunted again."  I'm gonna start a book about this guy.  I need an interview!


[Found posted outside the Post Office]

Now our time is done

Your war is seemingly won.

Have another war.

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