Hey, Did You Hear? - April's Rumors

DRWI - August 2018 (91)sm.png

“Half the town is abolitionists, half are loyalists, and the other half don't wanna get involved.”

“Sal, that's three halves.”

“Yeah, well, summa them crossover dependin’ on who they's talking to so it adds up.”

“I heard folks have been reporting their friends to the Works for abolition talk! No wonder we have so many patrols lately! I betcha there's gunna be some hurt feelings and beatdowns real soon.”

“The roads have been clearing some but them trains still aren't running properly. I guess the caravaners will be making some extra cash.”

“All kinds of townie journalists and surveyors have been rolling through Steel Horse lately. How much you wanna bet most of ‘em have ulterior motives?”

“That irradiated zone is still so bad.  Don't that crap fade eventually? What happens if it don't? Are all our animals gunna be like that bear?”

“I heard they caught that man in black and Bama's been snuggling with him since he ain't got no arms or legs.”

“The tinks have been working up a storm lately on weapons & traps. That can't be a good sign.”