Hey, Did You Hear? - June's Rumors

Best Friends.jpg

“We sure are getting a lot of new folks in Steel Horse lately! S’practically almost a city now!”


“I heard that semper who made the town get attacked by a whole lotta zed owes everybody money or cakes or somethin’ for causing trouble for errybuddy”

“Did you see those Nattys walk right into town out of the radzone? They were glowing and talking about worshipping and researching and getting strong from it! All the Darwins were joining their gang and gunna end up glowing like that soon!”

“There’s a new compound out on the Southwest corner of SteelHorse that the Plantstation folks built that’s for all the newly freed Irons looking for a community to live in. They gots workbenches, houses, and all sorts of nice stuff! Its nicer than my house!”

“Did you hear that super-rich Purebloods in town are opening a teahouse and getting married and made a fashion show happen and started a charity foundation and hate anyone who wears the color orange in June!”

 “There’s good Fallows and bad Fallows ‘round here and the bad Fallows make psions into bombs and the good Fallows are trying to stop the bombs and just kill the psions all regular. Its kind of hard to know which is which though or who’s on what side of ‘em.”