Hey, Did You Hear? - July's Rumors

2019-07-01 11.57.15.jpg

“A couple of people been saying Bloom Industries’ been controlling all the raiders, mutated animals, and even made the nasty radlands problem we’s all been having. Why ain’t anybody blew them up yet?”


“Is Steel Horse a Final Knight hotspot now? Did you see how many came to town last trade? The local priests couldn’t even handle all their visitors! Are they taking over the Sainthood folks now?”


“I ain’t felt the land shakin’ or seen no steamvents opening yet this Summer. What happened that we ain’t got no Helldive anymore? Maybe all the radiation burned off the fire mines! Maybe its Bloom!”


“There’s another big ole pureblood party happening in Steel Horse again. Seems like there’s been a lot of those going on lately, considering how few fancypants we have here.”


“Looks like town’s trying to form some kind of government and laws again. Matt Dereck has been driving the process and it seems like most folks got a lotta skin in how it goes down.”


“So’s the Irons are all free now. That’s all good & great, but have you seen how many refugees have been coming into town? Thank goodness The Plantstation built them nice homes for ‘em to start over, else we’d prolly have more thievin’ and such.”


“Did you hear there’s a SMUT AND COOKIES event every trade at the Needs & Wants? Or is it the Lucky Strike? Whatever it’s called, THEY HAVE SMUT AND COOKIES!”


“I heard a couple folks mention Captain Gideon and Bartok are building an independent naval force to protect the town. Isn’t that just a fancy cover for being a bunch of pirates?”


“A bunch of the Darwins been looking into the radzone. I’m worried they’re gonna try to make it bigger and badder so that we all turn into rotfaced glow-eaters and they can take over as our glowing green overlords.”


“My sister said there’s an official Battle of The Bands happening on Saturday this trade. It's gonna be a helluva party if those rockstars can get their shit together.”