3.0 Questions & Answer Session #2

Q: By my reading, there is no longer FIRE and POISON damage types. Fire simply deals body, but will green packets also go extinct? If not, will Shields still stop poison/green packets? Should we assume that shields only stop blue packets and throwers then?

A: Until more blueprints come out to change the answer, yes.  Shields only stop blue packets and throwers.  We do not currently have green packets in 3.0.  If that changes we will let you know.


Q:  Are the workshop spaces going to have tool props, or should we still carry them ourselves?

A: The workstations will have everything you need, however, if you would like to still carry tools to reinforce your costuming concept you are welcome to.


Q: Particular psionic abilities are incredibly powerful, particularly @ lvl3 (e.g. pyrokinesis)  and there doesn't seem to be any counters available to non-psionic using PCs. Is this power imbalance being evaluated?

A:  Master Mental Endurance gives you the ability to negate all psionic effects, there are also some blueprints that allow you to negate psionic effects as well.  Not to mention how difficult it will be to get Master level skills to begin with.  There is also the aspect of consensual CvC.  If you need to use it against another player, you will need to get their consent.  Yes, that skill is very powerful, but it already has balances in place.


Q: Are having to carry the 12oz bottles a must?

A:  Currently you must phys rep every brew you carry.  3.0 doesn’t change that, but if you are not carrying 6 brews, you don’t have to phys rep those brews.  The supply bag can be totally empty outside of your cards if the weight is a concern. But all brews you plan on using/selling must have a phys rep, just like 2.0.


Q: Can you describe anomaly powers as variants, i.e. instead of base pyrokinesis, my character does the same mechanical effect, but as cold?

A: Not at this time.  The effects are very specific and though there might be blueprints to adjust this in the future but as it stands now, the skill is exactly what it says in the book.


Q: There seems to be disparity between the differences between exotic items and guns. under the Florentine skill it makes these distinctions:

1. "...combination of two melee weapons, exotic weapons, or firearms..."

2. "This six strike flurry only applies when using a combination of melee and exotic weapons (guns fire as fast as they will)..."

So are exotic weapons flurry based or reload based?

A: Exotic weapons are both melee and ranged, so they can be either.


Q: Will concentrate fire and sniped shot be added as blueprint powers?

A: We do not have that information at this time. 


Q:  Do you need to be master level exp to use master level items? To clarify - a base 1 damage can can be still called by any one wilding a master level weapon, right?

A:  Anyone can pick up any weapon and swing for 1s.  If you have the skill to use the master level effect, then you can use that too.  If you do not, then you cannot and it will still swing for 1.


Q: I’ve seen a lot of complaints that the strains have been largely homogenized, particularly Red Stars and Ascensorites, both benefits and detriments. While I can see this as a leveling of the strains, it is at the cost of a great deal of flavor. What was the thinking, here? They aren’t required to defend their own people, anymore, for instance.

A: The 3.0 book was created to help new players come into game as easily as possible.  It cuts back on a lot of the flavor of each strain because that tends to overwhelm new players who just want to jump in and try stuff out.  The flavor is still there and can still be a part of your role play if you wish it to be, it just isn’t a required mechanic anymore.  Want to make it important to your character to defend your own people?  Do it!  It is your role play and that is a totally viable way to tell your story.  The splat books are still cannon.  3.0 doesn’t really cut back on the flavor, but rather removes the mandatory mechanics of playing the strain.  Your role play can still maintain most of what it has today.


Q: Regarding cult Faiths, do we need to maintain ten, or just start with ten? Do we need to replace one if someone dies or starts playing?

A:  When the cult is approved it must have 10 players.  If something happens after that to lessen the numbers we aren’t going to immediately disband the cult, however, we will be requesting you start looking into a different faith if it falls below a sustainable number because at that point it becomes an issue.  But no, we won’t immediately disband the cult for falling below 10 if someone can’t make it to game anymore.


Q: What kind of turnaround time can we expect on action request responses? For example, my ascensorite ascends in November, should I request in October?

A: Giving us more time means you get a better mod to help you with your action request.  We must have the action request at least two weeks prior to game if you aren’t looking for something that requires props or face NPCs.  A month in advance is preferable.  We want to give your request as much time and effort as we can to make the best experience we can.


Q: How much blood (in body points) does a semper need to drink per game?

A: They need to drink once per game.


Q: Will I not mention my characters slave background any longer in 3.0?

A: Your background remains the same.  We simply won’t be allowing new players to enter with slavery in their background going forward.  We are not going to remove your story from play if you were playing during the time slavery was a thing.  We will be asking folks to not focus their role play on that aspect of their character, however.  We will be giving story prompts for the 3 year gap that will give the players a reason to focus on the value of freedom, rather than the hardship of their time during slavery. 


Q: Will there be an approved national blaster list anymore?

A: There will not.  All weapons will be safety checked at every game and will need to be one pull, one dart. 


Q:  Should we change a character's approved background based on things that change in 3.0?

A: If you have questions about your background feel free to email us and we can discuss it.  Generally, the answer is no, but we are happy to go into details with you if you have concerns.  Toss Val an email at val@dystopiarisingwi.com to discuss in more detail.


Q: Will there be an announcement as to which areas of each campground are “civilized” zones and which “cvc-heavy combat” zones?

A: Yup!  We will announce it at opening announcements AND we are planning to have neat little genre’d signs to put up for in game.


Q: Will previously open strains have new costuming/background requirements?

A: They might, we will let you know as we get closer to the date.


Q: A concern I’ve heard (though I don’t suffer it) is requirements for reclaimers to have contacts, full stop. Some folks apparently can’t wear contacts. Is it possible to have a doctor’s note to bypass some of their requirements instead of losing resolve?

A: There is a lot you can do with costuming to meet the required needs however, there are some strains that simply won’t be playable by some folks due to the costuming requirements needed to play the strain.  There are plenty of others to choose from that won’t have the same requirements and we encourage folks to make decisions based on their own costuming limitations.


Q:  How will losing Resolve based on strain traits work? If I'm playing a Solestros., do I have to be obviously and outrageously competitive? How would you make the call for trait-based resolve loss for traits like DJ's lack of smell sense or a Saltwises dry skin?

A:  If a mod tests that strain trait and you don’t follow it, the guide on duty will tap you and discuss it.  Otherwise it is trust based.  You tell us when you feel like your character isn’t following it, or if it is super obvious, we will follow up with you out of character.  But we aren’t going to stalk you to make sure you are playing up your strain 100% all day, every day.


Q:  This may have been asked but is there any idea where or how big the Wasteland (CVC) area will be in SHC? Will it be like outside of the buildings are Wasteland or will it be like (IE. over by the lake this area is the Wastelands?

A: We will have an announcement on that soon!  It depends on the campsite, obviously, but there will be maps!