Hey, Did You Hear? - August's Rumors

“So my sister says a buncha folks have been coming into town with fungus and crap growing out of ‘em. She says some docs took the stuff off of em and are testing it, but are we gonna get sick too ?”


“Some loud-ass Merican fella came into the tavern after last trade sayin’ he done killed that scary highwayman witch fella. I don’t know if it were the whiskey talking or if he actually done it.”


“With no laws in town, a  buncha folks got killed. Hell, I heard one lady got herself killed by townsfolk at least twice!”


“Uncle Troff said the radiation is almost all over Steel Horse by now and we’re gonna haveta either all deal with having radsick, move somewhere else, or find some kind of solution. I don’t wanna leave!”


“Did you know you can pay the folks at the paper to say whatever you want? Hell, if you got enough money, you can lie as much as you like!”

“That makes me want to read the paper more.”

“yeh, me too!”


“Rumors been floating around that the elder council don’t like summa the laws being made and that a coupla folks are all mad at em for it.”

“So? It ain’t like they’re going anywhere. They own the damned land.”


“Looks like the local businesses are really stepping up their game! There’s a fancy teahouse, a farmstand, a tavern, a restaurant, a brothel & gambling house, and all sorts of cool places. Sure makes me wish I had more money!”