NPC Opt-outs and Medical Sleep

There is currently only 5 NPC opt-outs per game.  Each NPC opt-out is $40.00.  

If you have a medical condition that makes it impossible for you to take an NPC shift the opt-out is $20.00 and does NOT count towards the total of 5 NPC opt-outs.  Medical Opt-outs require a doctor's note that explicitly states

  1. What the medical condition is that you need the opt-out for

  2. That you are okay to play the rest of the game despite said medical condition.

This note is required to be mailed in BEFORE you sign up for an opt-out and must contain the two bits of information above to be accepted.  

If you need an OOC sleep area make sure to let us know before game and we can reserve a spot for you in the OOC Sleep Space.