Diaries of the Rum Coast

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Diaries of the Rum Coast

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The Dead Men and the Sea. They say the sea has the longest memory. That she holds all tales deep within her, hidden, secret and silent. The stories of the world before the Fall, torn away like pages from a diary.

That's a load of bull.

In this wasted world, even the water is an unquiet grave. And on the wide Rum Coast, she's spilled the Full Dead; genteel monsters who know all of the secrets of the World that was... if only they could remember them. On her heaving waves, she ferries the Salt Wise, those who tried to leave the diseased land behind, and almost succeeded. And on the broad and muddy Mighty Miss, she carries the voices of the Virtues of the Kings and Queen's Court, singing the dreams of a world gone, but not forgotten.

Diaries of the Rum Coast contains:• A New Strain: The Salt Wise, a mutated sea dwelling people.

• More information on those elegant corpses, the Full Dead.
• Dulcet details about the faith of the Virtues of the Kings and Queens Court.
• Detailed descriptions of the culture, locations, and environment of Georgiabama, the Mighty Miss, and the Rum Coast.
•  Additional equipment, threats, and weapons from the watery world of the Rum Coast.

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