Restricted Strains and Professions

Strains: Each chapter is required to have Strains that cannot be selected as available in their chapter. Other Strains are restricted, typically based on AP qualifications, RP requirements, costuming, or a mixture of the three. Below is what you can expect from DR: Wisconsin in the first season.

Not Allowed:


Unborn of Teixiptla


Rare (300 AP)

Full Dead




Uncommon (150 AP)

Diesel Jock

Semper Mort


Open but requires Background/Costuming Approval:

Iron Slave

Natural One


Profession: Psionist

Please remember that there are reasons for each of these decisions, whether they are specific to the printed material or the setting material for Steel Horse Crossing and DR:WI.

New to DR players will need to play three games before they will be allowed to apply for an Iron Slave or Psionicist character.  These two types of characters are very difficult to play in the Wisconsin game.  For more information please contact