Laws of Steel Horse Crossing

By Leave of the Ironworks

With all laws of the Ironworks intact, and with no deviation from those laws set forward by the Department of the Interior, Steel Horse Crossing does further enact these laws below per the ability granted by such aforementioned body.  It is with sincerity that these laws are codified within this territory, covering all grounds within and around the settlement, under purview of the elders of the town, the Consul, and the greater governing body of the Ironworks.  Knowledge of these laws is expected, and remains the duty of all citizens, visitors and property to follow with diligence.

Additional Article 1: Whereas little good can come from the use of poison, save monitored and approved uses in cases that warrant such, no poison or poisonous compound is permitted within the boundaries of Steel Horse Crossing.  Having such is akin to the intent of murder without documented authorization by the Ironworks, or officials of Steel Horse Crossing in lieu of the broader governing body.

a.       All officials will be ratified by the elders, and no other authority is granted beyond these.

Additional Article 2: For the further clarification of the Ironworks laws, any inclination towards abolitionism is immediately considered conspiracy of theft, and carries with it the same punishment as theft.  Past the first infraction, the violation becomes an intent to sedition, and instead carries with it the punishment therein.

Additional Article 3: Due to the demanding work quotas of the Ironworks, all mind altering drugs are explicitly forbidden to consume within the boundaries of town and the greater surrounding area.

a.       An exception is made on the day of High Saturday, which is respected by the settlement per religious implication.  The ban on mind altering drugs is lifted on this day of relaxation, and may be further extended on those holidays in which the elders deem appropriate.

b.       Anyone having or transporting such material must have a license for such articles on all days save the above exceptions.  Failure to provide such a license defies the will of the Ironworks.

Additional Article 4: Any addictive substances are hereby banned in that the mind must be clear for the body to perform duties for the Ironworks.  There is no exception to the ban on addictive substances, and the penalty is likened to sedition for the crime of removing the free will of mind to addiction.

Additional Article 5: No Lascarian is allowed to settle within the boundaries of town for any purpose, as their presence remains a threat to both the town and the Ironworks as a whole.  Lest we not forget the families that were lost to their grave crimes.  They are granted leave for three days’ time per return.

Additional Article 6: As the assets of the Ironworks are sacrosanct, and all are beholden to the laws enacted by the greater body. Steel Horse Crossing defines the following areas as assets of the Ironworks:

a.       The Iron Naval Command Center (North of the Steel Horse Crossing town entry road)

b.       The Boneyard (West of the Lake and beyond)

c.       All standing structures, both covered and open

d.       AA6.c is exempt from Trespassing, as all citizens, visitors and property are welcome that can maintain a civil attitude for the assets therein.

By Our Hand,

The Elder Council, Steel Horse Crossin