Dystopia Rising: Wisconsin

Dystopia Rising: Wisconsin is the Wisconsin chapter of the networked Dystopia Rising game series.  Dystopia Rising is a fully immersive role-playing game set in a post-apocalyptic, zombie infested world. From Friday to Sunday you will live as a Survivor. You will eat, sleep, and fight in character. You will have to gather resources to survive, fend off hordes of the undead, stop raiders from attacking you in the night, and protect what little you have from thieves and killers who will hurt you to help their own chances of survival. 

Our setting is approximately four generations after the fall of man. The dead rose, the nuclear option was used, and what remains is a new dark age.  DR:Wisconsin is based out of the in game location of the Ironworks.  The Ironworks is one of the last standing bastions of civilization in the wastelands.  Spared from the rising waters and radiation of the Fall the Ironworks is known for it's technology and ruthless ambition.  

Dystopia Rising is a game that is not centered on the undead. It is a game that is centered on humanity, and what we become when confronted with the demands of survival. Will you give up your own food for another soul? Will you answer their pleas for help in the middle of the dark and lonely night? Where do you draw the line and how adamantly will stand by it?

Steel Horse Crossing

I wouldn't call Iron Horse Crossing "sleepy", but not too many folks usually make it a year round residence.  Sure, we get traders in and out of here plenty.  But the few of us who stick around to call this place home are only just enough to survive.  Some guards and a good handful of tech-slingers make up the most of us, with just about enough of the rest to make a go of things.

We are on one of the main trade routes to and from the vast northern expanse, which helps for sure.  The folks looking to buy and sell are perfectly happy to help keep this place free from trouble, since they can't make their coin if they don't.  The Ironworks is one of our major buyers and they keep us on our toes for completely different reasons.  

We are just outside Mill City in Ironworks territory; far enough away to get some freedom, and close enough to get a boot across the neck when they want to.  They tell us what to do, and we do it enough that they see fit to keep us around.  We make a comfortable living for the most part, minus the raiders, the zed, and the Iron Guard breathing down our backs.  Other than THAT, we do alright… most days.

Some of the Natural Ones talk about crazy things from time to time - some sort of flying machines, or strange critters with metal bits - but they tend to do that when most of your population happens to be mechanically inclined or science-minded.  Few enough folks listen to their talk.

Things seem to be picking up again recently with a new influx of folks looking for a place to stay.  Some of them are trying to get away from the heavy hand of the Ironworks, some of them are trying to find a place where they can make some coin, and others are just trying to find a safe place to spend the last of their days.  Whatever reason they might have to come to this place, they are certain to find that the folks around here are more than what they seem.

But then, aren’t we all?