Local Policies for Wisconsin

These are policies that are not regulated by the parent company and therefor change with each game you play in.  This is how we here at Dystopia Rising: Wisconsin handle these issues.  Any questions should be sent to wisconsin.dystopiarising@gmail.com.

If you have questions about the campsite itself please click here.  You can then click on the link of whatever campsite you wish to see information on.


Minors at DR:WI

Our minimum age is 16.  When players are between 16-18 they have a few things they have to do to be able to join us at game.

1.       Their first month will have to be attended with a parent or legal guardian.  They would sign the waivers for the minor, and be responsible for them during the event.

2.       If after that month the minor would like to return without their parents they will need an adult appointed by their parents to attend with the minor.  This could be someone who is already attending DR, or someone new, so long as the parents approve of their guardianship.  This adult would then be responsible for the minor during the event.  We would need a letter from the parents stating they are okay with this person watching over the minor at game.

3.       We would need to be notified every game they intend to be at, so we can make sure we don’t go over our limit of minors at any one game.  We can only have so many via our insurance.

Other than that, they will be treated just like everyone else and will be subjected to the same plot and story concepts as adults. Please see our Ingredient list to determine if this game is right for your minor.

Personal Property Policy:

Dystopia Rising: Wisconsin is not responsible for the safety of your property if it is broken or stolen. Please keep your wallet, keys, important personal items, etc. secured and hidden.

Tent Policy

Smoking Policy

Smoking at Camp Manitou is allowed at the outside fireplace at the Lodge (Town Hall) and Cedar (Logistics) cabins ONLY.

Smoking at Camp Evelyn is allowed at the fire pits outside of Gemini and Zell-Ann’s Hostel ONLY.

Anyone in violation of this will be given one warning and if that warning isn't sufficient they will then be asked to leave. We have negotiated smoking areas with the campsite and not abiding by that agreement can cost us the use of the camp so we have very little tolerance for people who smoke outside of those designated areas.

Campfire Policy

Fires and hot cooking surfaces MUST be watched at ALL TIMES. Similarly there must always be a way to extinguish the heat nearby.

During combat, a marshal may take your place and watch the fire/hot surface for you. The marshal will verbally inform you that they are taking your place. Unless this happens, a single player is required to remain by the fire.

Combat will never take place near a fire or hot surface, but just like bathrooms - this should not be used as a way to avoid IG dilemmas.

Sexual Misconduct Policy