Plot Requests

If you would like to submit a plot idea to the writers here at Dystopia Rising: Wisconsin please fill out the form below.  Don't worry about the monster stats or mechanics of the plot, the writers will make sure they are complete and leveled for the game.  What we need from you is the idea, with as much detail as you can give.  

To ensure plot is considered for the next available game.

  1. Plot must be submitted 3 weeks prior to game.

  2. Any plot targeting your background must have a background submitted and approved before plot submission.

Here are a few things to consider when creating plot.

  1. What is the purpose of this plot? Resource Reduction? World-building? Puzzle-solving? Why do we need this plot?

  2. Details of plot are important, but make it brief. If the writer has additional questions they will contact you directly. Again, don't worry about adding mechanics, that's what the writer is for.

  3. We will not accept plot targeting others. Plot must target the submitter or the game as a whole. Anything targeting the submitter may consequently affect others.

  4. We look over every plot that comes in, we do not guarantee that we will run every plot that comes in.

  5. Stick to NPCs that are a normal strain, a zed, or a raider when submitting plot. Unique creatures are typically left to the writing staff, so if you submit something of that nature it will be less likely to be used.

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