Thank you for taking the time to give us feedback on our event, our website or social media or anything else we do! We believe that the only way for us to improve is to receive feedback on the things you did and didn’t like.

1.  Which mods did you love? - Our writers would like to know!

2.  Threat level - Was it what you were looking for?

3.  Suggestions for improvement - If you didn't like something, how can we make it better?

(For specific mod ideas that you would like to submit to the staff, feel free to drop by the Plot Request page and let our writers know what you have in mind directly!)

By focusing on things you enjoy, we can work on bringing a better and more targeted game to our audience.  If you have ideas – even if they’re slightly unconventional – please let us know!  There is almost always a way to present things in a way that work in DR with a little conversation and adaptation. If you didn’t like something, make sure to include suggestions on how to fix the issue or what you would have liked to have seen done instead.

Your feedback changes this game in very real ways and for those who take the time to share their views with the team; thank you for submitting!