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If you wish to play a restricted strain, you will need to apply for that through a different form.
Only characters that are Nation of Accensor or of the priest profession can start with a faith.
Remnants need to put both their starting profession choices.
Please let us know what skills you would like to start out with. All characters get 13 build points and all points must be used. The extra point at the end can be added to your mind, body or used to pick up the teach skill. Teach is included with some professions. Please reference the profession and strain sections of the Survival Guide for the list of skills you are able to start with. *Those with the advanced membership do not get to build with the bonus XP from your membership. Those points are only available to spend in game.
This information is required for all new players or we will not be able to put your character into the system. A single name and phone number with area code are all that we need.